1 Month Ampuversary!

Today is Patch the Pirates (Patchy) one month ampuversay!  We are so grateful to have had another month with him in our lives!  He continues to bring us such joy as he teaches us to live in the moment and to never pass up that snuggle or belly that is being offered up for a rub 🙂

After much discussion we have also decided that we will live in the moment and not do chemo.  We want to spend as much time with him as we can doing things that he enjoys and just smothering him with so much love and affection as we can squeeze into each day.

Our hope is that we have many more moments with him and we cherish each one that we have.

We celebrated him yesterday by beginning the day with a snuggle in bed (hasn’t been in the bed in weeks) then we took an adventure to the forest.

We are heading camping at the end of the week for a few days, there will be lots of photos to share next week!

Love to you all – Summer & Sweet Patchy

Sunday morning snuggle :)
Sunday morning snuggle 🙂

More firsts!

We are waiting patiently for our vanilla milkshake
We are waiting patiently for our vanilla milkshake

Hi Everyone – Thursdays are my day off so I spend it at with all the chuppies, cooking cleaning and loving on them.

Yesterday Patchy continued in recovery by returning to normal habits.  Kevin has a very big place that is fully fenced and the back is fenced off from the front.  Patchy used to love to go back there and check things out, we have a garden back there etc.  He hadn’t been back there since before his surgery.

I had both doors open so that could go from the front to the back, I was in the kitchen and I heard his hop coming and yep he hopped through the house and into the back yard 🙂  Just made me smile.  He made the trip several times yesterday.

Another first is that he learned the “shake” on 3 legs without falling down:)

Enjoy the picture 🙂

Sunday Funday

Sweet Patchy continues to recover and do well.  As someone on this website said to me early on, watching them come back themselves is so heartwarming.

Yesterday was no exception for Patchy,  he woke me up early in the morning like he used to by nuzzling me and wanting to get in the bed and snuggle.  He hasn’t been to my side of the bed in weeks!

We made them some fresh soup bones for a snack and he quickly learned how to master the bone with one paw 🙂

The afternoon was finished off with a short ride and some adventures in the forest.  He seemed to love every minute though still gets tired easily.

Enjoy the photos from the day!  Love to all – Summer and Patchy

Living in the moment!

Enjoying a soup bone
Enjoying a soup bone
Don't I look handsome in my new ruffwear vest?
Don’t I look handsome in my new ruffwear vest?
getting kisses from my boy :)
getting kisses from my boy 🙂

First Adventure Since Surgery!

My Handsome Strong Boy!
My Handsome Strong Boy!
Look at me go!
Look at me go!
my safe place with my boy
my safe place with my boy
Can never get too many belly rubs :)
Can never get too many belly rubs 🙂

Hi Everyone – Couldn’t wait to share with you about our first adventure since Patchy’s surgery!  What a fun day living in the moment we had 🙂

We have a favorite camping spot that we go to many times during the Summer, we loaded up and went for a drive to see how the site was before we make a camping trip.

Patch was all to willing to load up, he loves to go for rides in my jeep or as we call it the “Chuppy Limosine”

Attached are pictures of the outing and Patch thoroughly enjoyed getting out a sniffing around for a short time as he gets tired pretty quickly still.

We are truly blessed to be able to live in the moment with him, many kisses all day and belly rubs.  Can never take advantage of their time with us.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures of my sweet boy!

2 weeks post amputation!

relaxing in my yard
relaxing in my yard
hangin with my buddys
hangin with my buddys


So we reached the two week post amputation mark yesterday with Patchy!  He got most of his staples removed but a few had to stay in because they weren’t quite healed.

Everyday he begins to do things that were his routine before surgery and it just makes us kiss his sweet face over and over and tell him what a good job he is doing 🙂  Brings tears to my eyes when this happens.

Living in the moment truly means enjoying every single moment you have with them.  We cherish all the belly rubs and snuggles with him 🙂

I am excited to get the ruff wear harness for him so we can get back to taking him camping etc.

Enjoy the photos! – Summer