2 weeks post amputation!

relaxing in my yard
relaxing in my yard
hangin with my buddys
hangin with my buddys


So we reached the two week post amputation mark yesterday with Patchy!  He got most of his staples removed but a few had to stay in because they weren’t quite healed.

Everyday he begins to do things that were his routine before surgery and it just makes us kiss his sweet face over and over and tell him what a good job he is doing 🙂  Brings tears to my eyes when this happens.

Living in the moment truly means enjoying every single moment you have with them.  We cherish all the belly rubs and snuggles with him 🙂

I am excited to get the ruff wear harness for him so we can get back to taking him camping etc.

Enjoy the photos! – Summer

8 thoughts on “2 weeks post amputation!”

  1. Enjoying the photos over here, that’s for sure!!!

    Kissing the screen trying to smooch that face!! Latchy is just so darn ADORABLE! His markings are beyond cute! His whole pack is beyond cute!!


    Seeing so e of the sparkle come back, aome of his old habits return…spectacular events! And it gets soooooo much better!

    Lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. I know you are so right, he did something this morning that he hasn’t done in a very long time and I just had to turn away and let the tears flow 🙂 Each day is just a blessing with him and I cherish every minute.

    Today though I am really missing my Teddy Bear Saint. He and I were sole mates and I am regretting that we didn’t give him the opportunity to continue to live by amputating. He suffered so with pain and we were just so confused about what to do. Everyone telling us that because of his age and size he would never recover.

    Now I see stories of others on the site with their senior sweeties tears just flow. I know he is with me in spirit but I so wish I would have done more for him. So very sad today because I miss him so. I want to kiss his face and bury my head in his fur.

    1. All of us have learned and grown over the years. We have become different people than what we were with our first babies. A few of us have talked about this very thing! The regrets we have. The bad parenting we did. The what if’s. It’s ok, you made decisions based on the information that you had at the time, that’s all any of us can ever do!

  3. Okay, I’ll share a little secret….shhh….just between us. Yet another reason it was meant for me to take your call thst day.

    .y avatar name “Benny” is in honor of my “pure bred mutt” dog who also had osteosarcoma. Diagnosed after treatment for everything under the sun other than that, including wrapping for a sprain and numerous vet trips.

    I jad never heard of this site or osteosarcoma.

    Finally the vet xrayed and told me what it was. Benny was sedated for the xrays and he asked me if I wanted to wake him up! What! Wake him up! Of course! Why wouldn’t I!!! I jad zero comprehension of what this meant!

    This was several uears ago and must my “ge ersl” vet. We didn’t have any specialist arou d, etc. Anyway, he basically went with the keep him comfortable approach and vague mentioned amputation but said “You wouldn’t want to do that,”
    Dr. Google wasn’t even arou d then and computers were not very available.
    Anyway…long story short. I did a phone consultation with a Holistic vet.

    Got a couple of good months quality time.

    I didn’t know what I didn’t know!!! You didn’t know what you didn’t know! We both made decisions based on the information we had and we made them out of love.

    Every dog brings us learning lessons. That’s how we pay tribute to their earthly journey with us. We evolve with each dog.

    And to know I’m able to “do better” with the next dog, because of the previous dog adds value and purpose to their lives. Their lives made a difference.

    With Benny, as it turned out, he also had prostate c (so much for neutering preventing that) and ro do amputation TO him…yes TO him at that point would jave been selfish. Teddy Bear Saint’s journey unolded as it should. I do believe because of his size and age, it would no jave been in his best interest. I think the Universe watches over us and allows things to unfold as they should, even if we don’t see it.

    1. Thanks so much as always for your encouragement, not sure what all the tears are for today for Teddy Bear but clearly the gapping whole he left in my heart is still very broken. Thought I had cried all the tears but clearly that is not the case. I have had dogs all my life and will have many more I am sure and I love them all dearly but Teddy and I had a bond the not many share that is why I miss him so today.

  4. Patchy is so handsome and cuddly. We all make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time. Many of my life’s decision have been made on what I could handle at the time. My kitty Mona had her amputation done 2 years ago. If it was 20 years ago I may not have gone that route. Ultimately we love the best we can and I can see Patchy is getting a lot of that.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  5. Isn’t it great, as they come back to themselves? You’re looking so great Patchy! Hoppy Ampuversary sweet boy!!

  6. OMG … he’s so handsome!!! I want to snuggle up with him and take a nap. He looks like the perfect nap dog. I know how hard this and the recovery is tough but you are doing great!!! The photos look great. He looks amazing!

    Keep fighting … and loving … lots of love. Never enough love!

    alison with spirit shelby in her heart (and little jasper too)

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