More firsts!

We are waiting patiently for our vanilla milkshake
We are waiting patiently for our vanilla milkshake

Hi Everyone – Thursdays are my day off so I spend it at with all the chuppies, cooking cleaning and loving on them.

Yesterday Patchy continued in recovery by returning to normal habits.  Kevin has a very big place that is fully fenced and the back is fenced off from the front.  Patchy used to love to go back there and check things out, we have a garden back there etc.  He hadn’t been back there since before his surgery.

I had both doors open so that could go from the front to the back, I was in the kitchen and I heard his hop coming and yep he hopped through the house and into the back yard 🙂  Just made me smile.  He made the trip several times yesterday.

Another first is that he learned the “shake” on 3 legs without falling down:)

Enjoy the picture 🙂

One thought on “More firsts!”

  1. YAAAAAAAAAY FOR RETURNING TO NORMAL!! And YAY for vanilla shakes! Merry Myrtle and Frankie want to come visit every Thursday!!

    The picture of Patch and his pal…sooooo cute!!

    Oh gosh, and “shaking” too! This Patchy nis a very special pup! Very special and so loved!

    Tha ks for the great updates. Good job!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

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