10 Months and still Hopping along strong!

Sweet Patchy
Lovin the snow
Baby Sailor – Such a joy!

Today is sweet Patchy’s 10 month ampuversary!  He is still happy and enjoying life!

This time last year was pretty bleak as we had just lost teddy bear and patchy was limping with a very sore and swollen leg 🙁

We wrestled for weeks about what to do and today we are so glad that we found this site and gave him a chance with amputation.   We weren’t given much encouragement about that due to his size but 10 months later he is a happy chupy! no pain and enjoying a life filled with love and belly rubs.  He is even managing the snow right now(we have 3 feet since last Thursday.) He loves the snow as most St’s do 🙂

Tonight will be a celebration of him with petite bacon wrapped sirloin, grilled chicken and for dessert one of his favorites, homemade whipped cream plain with no sugar added 🙂

Again I am so grateful for all of you precious friends, supporters and cheerleaders for us and our sweet Patchy.  Wish I could meet every one of you!

Here’s to you my precious Patchy and many more ampuversarys to come.  I love you my sweet boy!

5 thoughts on “10 Months and still Hopping along strong!”

  1. OH Patchy congratulations on your 10 month celebrations! I have been in awe of you from the start and nothing’s changed! You are one special boy! Enjoy your yummy celebration dinner!

  2. Okay, Merry Myrtle put on ner bib and Frankie got out his apkins! They are on their way over to see if they can get some of Patchy’s left over scraps!! What a grrrreat celebration dinner! 🙂

    HAPPY TEN MONTH AMPUVERSARY PATCHY! What an incredible milestone!! And many more to come!! 🙂

    I’m so in love with Patchy…with ALL your pack…including Angel Teddy Bear. It’s always such a treat ro see the photos. Have ro say, the look Baby Sailor is giving the camera is priceless!

    You and Patchy will always have a special place in my heart! You’ve pushed all the fear off the cliff and have done a BRILLIANT job of staying in the moment! You and your hubby really have mastered the art of making every second count! BRAVO!!

    Such an honor to be in this journey!

    Lots of love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. Can only live in the moment otherwise I do get scared 🙁 Sailor pouts when I leave for work in the morning such a face lol

  4. yay Patchy. Way to keep kicking butt. You are doing good buddy.
    What a celebration dinner.

    Getting scared is normal (or as normal as we can say around here). It is the fear of the unknown and when and where etc.

    But back to the big party 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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