Honoring Sweet Teddy Bear, Patchys Daddy

Today I want to honor my sweet sweet teddy bear!  He crossed over the bridge one year ago tomorrow of osteosarcoma.

Unfortunately at that time we were very misinformed about giant breeds and amputation and not aware until it was way too late, of the wonderful tripawds community and all the wisdom that is here.  If we had been more aware of options we could have done more for him and he would have suffered less.  The suffering he endured is nothing that I ever want to go through again.

Teddy bear and buddy Moby

He truly was the sweetest Saint I have ever had and the connection between the two of us is nothing like I have ever experienced before in a pup.  Though I have had many pups in my life ours was a bond that many did not understand.  He was my constant companion and my fierce protector.

I miss his presence so much but I also feel him near, I can still smell his fur and

Lunch at a pub in San Diego – Such a wonderful memory 🙂

he comes to me in my dreams and I know that he is ok and just waiting for me at the bridge.   Many tears still fall for him, as they are now, when I remember the wonderful times that he and I shared.

So my precious Teddy Bear today I honor you and the wonderful memories we shared.  You are in my thoughts daily and in my heart forever!  We will meet again!  I love you my sweet sweet boy!

2 thoughts on “Honoring Sweet Teddy Bear, Patchys Daddy”

  1. And we honor your ADORABLE Teddy Bear with you!! Thank you fir the privilege of getting to know him!!

    And that face!!! Those soulful kind eyes!! OMD!!! You are owned by THE CUTEST Saints!!!

    I can definitely see where Patchy gets his ADORABLENESS from!! 🙂

    Yeah, we can only do the best we can with the information we have at the time. I think I told you I jad a similar “unawareness” with my Benny (benny55). We can only make every previous experience be a learning lesson, a growth lesson, and move forward with the new awareness, just like you have done with Patchy. I think we also jave to trust that everything u folds as it is supposed to, in a Universe sort of way. In Teddy Bear’s case, and Benny,’s czse also, maybe an amputation would not have worked. Maybe the surgery itself would hzve been too much. We must have to trust.

    And then we refocus in the GRRRRREAT life Teddy had with you!!

    And that picture of you at the Pub…PURE BLISS!! Everyone is sooo happy and that’s the best memory ever!!!

    Thank for fir the privilege of celebrating the MAGNIFICENT Teddy with you today!! I’m sure the Bridge is serving lots of ice cream and cake in his honor!!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS….That Moby is just precious!!! 🙂

  2. What a sweet boy and how lucky he was to have you. Teddy knows you did all you could for him at the time, and I have no doubt that it was his spirit that guided you to our community so that Patchy could continue to have a great life with his pack. Your journey with Patchy is no doubt guided by Teddy’s generous heart and loving spirit.


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