Sunday Fun day with Sweet Patchy!

Sunday is the best day of the week!  We are all home together to just enjoy all the sweet chuppies and spoil them rotten.

Sunday morning starts with our usual breakfast of a big bowl of eggs.  The rest of the day is spent giving belly rubs and snuggles and lots of smooshy kisses.

Sunday evening is a favorite too!  We usually grill something like, burgers, pork chops or steaks and of course everyone gets their own plate.

We so enjoy each day with all of them and as you can see from the pictures sweet patchy is doing very well.  What a love he is!  Hugs and kisses to you all – Summer, Patchy and gang!

Yummy eggs for breakfast :)
Yummy eggs for breakfast 🙂
relaxing with my buddies :)
relaxing with my buddies 🙂
waiting patiently for my medium rare sirloin steak :)
waiting patiently for my medium rare sirloin steak 🙂

Sweet Patchy’s 4 month Ampuversary!

Today is Sweet Patchy’s 4 month ampuversary!  Yay for you sweet baby!

We continue to live in the moment with him everyday! Lots of snuggles and belly rubs and special treats.

One of his favorites is Taco Friday! They all get a plate of taco meat and cheese! 🙂

We are so blessed with him each day and cherish every moment with him!

Enjoy the pictures! Summer and Gang

Such a sweet baby!
Such a sweet baby!
Hangin out with some of my buddies!
Hangin out with some of my buddies!

4th of July with Patchy in the Pines!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!  We took our pack to forest for 4 days of camping and living in the moment with each of them.

They truly love being out in the open running and playing and sniffing all the wonderful smells.  Makes us smile to watch them be so happy.

Even sweet Patchy continues to have a happy face and loves being outside.  He continues to be happy, eating well, getting lots of treats and belly rubs!

We truly cherish each moment with him, he is such a sweet boy!

Enjoy the pictures, love and hugs to all our friends at tripawds!  Summer and Patchy

Look at that precious grin, I love my belly rubs! :)
Look at that precious grin, I love my belly rubs! 🙂
lounging by a tree
lounging by a tree
Patchy and friends!
Patchy and friends!
Patchy and me living in the moment :)
Patchy and me living in the moment 🙂
Baby girl Sailor getting very big!
Baby girl Sailor getting very big!

Long overdue Patchy update!

I can’t believe how time goes by so quickly, it has been way to long since I posted about sweet Patchy and we are approaching Patchy’s 3 month amputation on the 25th! Yay for Patchy!

Though he doesn’t move around a lot Patchy seems to be doing quite well 🙂  He is happy and stubborn as usual.  Has a great aversion to his cart so progress is going very slowly.

We rely so much on his ruffwear harness to help him around and he does appreciate that.

We went through about 3 weeks of awful kennel cough in all of our pack.  The big saints seemed to suffer the most and we had several worrisome sleepless nights with all of them.  Happy to say that the whole pack is healthy again!

Sailor the new puppy brings us such joy each day, she truly is a blessing and such a sweet girl.

Enjoy the photos and I will try an do better about updating, we are as ever living in the moment with them all 🙂  Hugs from all of us to all of our friends at tripawds! – Summer, Patchy and pack

Not really liking this thing :)
Not really liking this thing 🙂
baby Sailor - growing up way too fast!
baby Sailor – growing up way too fast!
Camping - Patchy and Sailor
Camping – Patchy and Sailor

Patchy and Pack update!

Hi Everyone – I kind of fell of the grid for a bit.  New baby saint arrived on April 26th and she is a busy girl and keeps all of us busy 🙂  We set off for a camping trip on the 29th and got rained and snowed out 🙁 The days after that have been filled with caring for sick pups 🙁

Patchy was struggling with his front leg collapsing and stopped eating and drinking, then his brother lucky got sick as well, and then to top it all off the baby came down with Kennel Cough:(

Happy to say that Patchy has gotten a lot of strength back in his front leg (because we finally had to keep him inside most of the day)  And both he an Lucky have returned to eating and drinking Yay!

The baby is on antibiotics for the kennel cough and is happy and feisty as ever.

Patchy’s cart from Eddie’s wheels came this week and we are beginning the process of introducing him to it and making adjustments to the fit.  I must say he is completely stubborn and refuses to try and walk without us helping.  He just sits down and looks at us with the “really guys” face lol.

We know it takes time and we only do a few minutes each day so as not to stress him out.

We are just so proud of him and so very grateful for our time with him!  He is truly a trooper and we continue to “live in the moment”

snuggles and a cookie :)
snuggles and a cookie 🙂
Camping trip!
Camping trip!